Dan Marioni - Winemaker

In 2016, Dan Marioni went to the Coturri Winery, a historic wine making gem in Glen Ellen, to see what harvest was all about and he essentially never left. Dan began working with Nic Coturri, Tony's son, making wines under the Sonoma Mtn Winery label. The duo created a philosophy that honors the new and the old world, while being uncompromising about additions and subtractions in the winery. This challenge blooms a variety of wines and styles that lean into each vintage and work uniquely with each site. In 2019, Dan decided to move on from Sonoma Mtn Winery and launched Marioni Wine. Before catching the wine bug, Dan graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in mechanical engineering and worked at Tesla for about 5 years. Sonoma has been his family’s roots for four generations. It's said that he also received a bachelors in natural wine from Ruby Wine Company in San Francisco, where he continues to frequent whenever possible. To buy Sonoma Mtn Winery vintages, drop us a line here.

David Rothschild - Vineyard Manager

Another Valley Native who has run away many times but just can’t seem to stay away, David Rothschild manages all vineyards for Marioni Wine. David is fascinated with sustainable agriculture systems. He utilizes intentional farming methods that minimize ecological impact, work in harmony with natural cycles and support all of nature’s inhabitants. David envisions a future where vineyards and wild spaces will survive and thrive for generations to come. When he's not in the vineryard or helping out in the cellar, you can likely find David walking the rows of his garden admiring nature's bounty, at a local music venue or wandering outdoors in search of the perfect view. 

The Family

There are so many other people who have made Marioni Wine possible. Obviously, Niccolo Coturri and Tony Coturri for their early support and guidance. From there, every harvest has seen a collection of very special people who make it all possible. Alan Bauermeister, Ryoji Kajikawa, Ian Rosel, Devin Meyers, Caleb Leisure, Tony Coturri, Jaques and Cody Mathieu, Connor Geraghty, Josh Eubank, Kyle Harmon, Jack Sporer and so many more! Many Thanks!

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