My winemaking starts in the vineyard. I want to have total control over  farming practices and take that fruit directly to the bottle. From pruning to picking we’re there. In the winery, nothing is added to the wine nor the  fermentations. This is my truest expression of “zero-zero” wines. I want to  make a blend of easy drinking, fun and serious California wines. Which is why you’ll still see Zinfandel, Syrah, Carignan, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir in the portfolio. 

I have been able to make vintages entirely from estate farmed fruit  (meaning I, we, the whole team farmed it). But I also buy fruit. All fruit that I  have bought is from old connections, friendships, or totally random  instances where I come across a vineyard that really calls to me and I know the practices are sound, organic, minimal, sustainable, environmentally focused. 

I’m a 5th generation Sonoman. I studied and worked as a mechanical engineer. I started making wine at the Coturri Winery in 2016 with Sonoma  Mtn Winery. In 2019, I closed down the Sonoma Mtn Winery label and started Marioni Wine. The wines produced and bottled after the 2019 vintage are vinified and crushed at Magnolia Wine Services locally in Sonoma, CA. 


All the labels are original black ink prints carved by me, They are brilliantly designed by my wife Jessie. We own and operate a small tattoo shop to  serve our community here in Sonoma as well. Each cuvee has its own spirit  animal, brand or symbol that reflects the personality or maybe just  something fun. 


We make kegged wine in One-Way Petainer Kegs Availability: 


2022 Niña 

2022 Rosa

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